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Edger Lives is available today!

Edger Lives Announcement

Über Dorks rejoice!

One year ago today began a Journey so epic in Scope they had to invent Listerine, because Scope couldn’t begin to touch the things growing on Steve Perry’s tonsils, and Listerine kills 99% of the germs brushing misses.

I have no idea what that means. But I know this: Edger Lives is available today!


People, Edger Lives is no mere book. To say that Edger Lives is merely a book would be to deny that which makes us human. And that would mean gene mutation, and not in the X-Men way. It would mean withholding meaningful proteins, six million years of evolution, and straight-up poop-hurling monkeys.

Rediscover the indelible, heartrending romance set on postgender planet Earth in a Chinese iPhone factory, about a young robot named Here-2-Pls-U and the SIM card that once stole its heart.

Every so often, a novel becomes more than a novel–it becomes a chocolate mousse. Edger Lives is such a book. It is a celebration of transmogrification, famous-noses-from-history balloon creations, and the Great American Road Trip.

Buy Edger Lives today

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David Beem
David Beem